Highland Park Flight

Founded in 1798 on the Orkney Isles.  This flight showcases the Viking Legend Series

Talisker Flight

Founded in 1830 on isle of Skye.  Delve into the variety of peated expressions from this distillery.

Nant Flight

An iconic Australian whisky.  Savour the unique qualities of sherry, port and bourbon cask expressions.

Club of 18 Flight

Compare the virtues from three 18 year old whiskies from three of Scotlands most iconic distileries

International Flight

Take a trip around the world and enjoy whisky from France, India and Finland

Nikka Flight

Three expressions from the Nikka stable, whose founder Masataka Teketsuru is widely credited as the father of Japanese whisky. 

USA Flight

It's not all bourbon!  Indulge your taste buds in this trio of whiskey including one from Chicago using a grass seed!

Glenfiddich Experiment Flight

Glenfiddich is world renowned for pushing the boundries.  No more so than in these three expressions.

Dark Soul Flight

Indulge in the full smoky flavours of some of the most well known Scottish peated whiskies.

All Oz Flight

Australia is fast becomin a whisky production superpower.  Why not judge for yourself with whisky from Vic, SA and of course Tassy

Macallan Tripple Wood Flight

Track how this whisky develops with age, from this internationally acclaimed distillery

Battle of the Blends Flight

Blends often thought of as the poor cousins to the malts, but does this do justice to the skill and artistry of the master blenders?  You decide. 

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