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Starward Distillery
18th of July
Multi award winning Starward is on the menu this month.
As usual, we will be tasting 6 different samples and have  a meal as well.
We offer a standard ticket for the tasting only, or a ticket that includes a take home bottle of Starward Whisky.

Bladnoch 4.jpg
Callington Mill.jpg

Bladnoch Distillery
15th of August 2024 7pm
This month we will focus on the Scottish Lowland Bladnoch Distillery. We will be tasting 6 different whiskies, and as always, there will be some food as well.

Callington Mill
12th of September 7pm
Some of Australias finest whiskies are on the menu for this exceptional event. Hosted by Rizk Mawass, the general manager for Callington Mill, we will be tasting 6 single malts and have a great meal as well.

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